How to I buy an Everyday Corset?

Please visit or get in contact if you wish to order an Everyday Corset online

Who makes the Everyday Corset?

The Everyday Corset is made by Inspired by Ruby and designed by Victoria Whiteland.
All Victoria Whiteland designs are manufactured in the U.K.

Do you make it in my size?

The main line is UK sizes 8-20 but we can also make other sizes. Please contact us if you have any special requests, we will be glad to help. Please see our size guide before purchasing, or contact us if you would like us to advise or select the right size for you. Just send us an email or call us, giving your waist, hip (10cm down) and under-bust measurement and the perfect Everyday Corset can be chosen for you.

How do I try on my Everyday Corset?

For best results, start hooking from the bottom up. Remember, the elastic panel will stretch and help you, the satin panels won't. Pull towards the centre of your body, using the flexibility of the sides, and proceed upwards, one click at a time. Like any other corset, fastening your Everyday Corset becomes easy with practice. Please wear a tight fitting vest under the corset when trying the corset for correct fit, as we cannot exchange a corset that has been worn.

Can I wear my corset all day long?

Yes, the more you wear it, the greater the effect will be.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay via cheque or PayPal.

Will the corset provide extra support for my back?

The Everyday Corset can suit a wide range of needs. We often customise the corset, adding support as required to enable our customers to get the most benefit for lumbar support, stomach protrusion, flab reduction etc. Please get in contact to discuss this further.

I am not a well person, but I would like the support - is The Everyday Corset right for me?

Many women write to us about their health problems and must wear support all the time, they may not feel well enough to wear a tight lacing corset, and of course, they should look sexy and wonderful all the same, it is a great boost.
We set out to help women to look fantastic, anytime - just as they would in a corset - and yet be truly comfortable.

Will the corset help with my protruding ribs?

There are a few things we can do to adapt the Everyday Corset to help with this. We have helped some of our customers, and they have reported that are pleased with the results.

Can I sleep in my Everyday Corset?

Some of our customers have written to say that they do.

How should I wear my Everyday Corset daily?

Many people wear a light garment or tight vest underneath, so as to get more use from the corset before washing, as materials worn so close to the skin collect skin tissue easily and so it could look dusty when you take it off.

How should I care for my Everyday Corset?

The best temperature for rinsing it out is cool-warm. Do not wring, but hang it over a rail or line so that the rail is supporting the elastic. (dress-hangers that have pegs attached are helpful).
For best long-term results, hand-washing is recommended.
If worn once, you could save it for next time with a sponge down, providing you use damp cotton wool that is very much squeezed, almost dry. Hot water, tumble-drying or wringing elastic products, would lead to long-term damage to the fibres. Satin materials should always be treated with care, so that the sheen does not become creased and develop a care-worn look.

For best long term results it is advisable to dry the garment as quickly as possible, in a warm place, such as an airing cupboard or a shaded washing line on a warm day.

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